SoulCollage® Readings

In preparation for the new SoulCollage® workshops, I’ve been working with my own cards. From September 1st through the 11th I will be drawing on card a day and doing a reading. It has been an amazing experience so far. Somehow, doing this more intentionally and over several days in a row is having much more of an impact on me. For example, yesterday I drew the card I call my Kwan Yin card. Due to copyright issues, I cannot reproduce it here, but I can give you what came to me. The I am the One Who exercise resulted in this: “I am one who is infinitely compassionate. I am Kwan Yin, mother of all mercies. I walk in serenity and beauty. Come, walk with me.”

The message Kwan Yin had for me/us was this: “When you are sad, tired, hurting, come to me. My serenity will enfold you and comfort you. When you are troubled by the sorrows of the world, its pain, walk with me, borrow from my vast compassion. Then let my lovingkindness fill you and inspire you to compassionate action.” This means a lot to me, especially given what is going on in the world right now, wars, disease outbreaks, strange weather and on and on. This merciful mother goddess made herself heard. 

I hope the workshop on September 12th will provide an opportunity for more beings/neters/energies – in this case chakra companions – to speak their wisdom, compassion and vitality to all of us who are making and sharing cards and doing readings with them.

Here is a photo of a small Kwan Yin statue I have, in lieu of showing you her SoulCollage® card from my deck.



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