Re-Configuring: 2016

It has been many months since writing on this blog. Much has changed. My practice of spiritual direction and professional counseling is in transition. I have moved to Dane County, Wisconsin and am exploring options. I’ve from my previous residence at Joy Farm in Chippewa County to JoyCondo in Verona in Dane County.

My intent in reconfiguring this blog is to examine some psychological and spiritual dimensions and directions that will eventually form the core of a new blended practice of spiritual direction and life counseling. We live in interesting times when spiritual and psychological challenges, as well as opportunities, abound.

There is much opportunity to become distracted, to be attracted to too many options that cannot all be taken up or engaged in. We have exposure to multitudes of voices urging us in directions that cannot all be taken. Contradictions about what is true, real, healthy, abound. Staying centered yet open is challenging for many of us.

1-bluemarble_westFor the next several months I will be exploring mindfulness; cultivating happiness and joy; and seeking out spiritual  wisdom. I want to discern more about the trajectory of change for persons seeking to become fully awake in the world as it is now. This means also engaging in and discussing spiritual habits, the bones of spiritual life. It means reflecting as deeply as possible on what makes for a good life in the communities of which we are a part, and how we are one connected humanity on this one small blue, green, brown, and white planet.


6 thoughts on “Re-Configuring: 2016

  1. Thank you for this entry – I think you identified many of the potential distractions that can suck energy and the capacity to be radiantly present. Red flags abound and we must be vigilant not to be colorblind.

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