New SoulCollage® Workshops!

I’ve scheduled several SoulCollage® Workshops over the next few months. Each one will meet for three hours on a Friday afternoon from 2:30-5:30 at The Center in the Art Space. Registration is required because space is limited. The first workshop will be held on Friday, September 12, 2014. It is about “Animal Companions and the Chakras.”

Seena Frost, who created SoulCollage®, found herself making cards featuring animals. As she explored these cards for herself, she learned that the energies of these “companions” resonated with her own energy centers (chakras). She determined that nature’s energies embodied in animals companion us and reside in our own individual chakras. Using Seena Frost’s guided imagery this workshop helps participants discover the animal companion energies that empower them. After the guided imagery, participants intuitively select images and use them to collage 8 x 5 cards. These represent the earthy animal companion aspects of the self/soul. Together participants and facilitator do simple, powerful experiential exercises in which participants give voice to what the card says, they “speak as the card”.  A brief closing allows each card to be honored by all the participants.

Here is one of the first SoulCollage® cards I ever made. I love sandhill cranes and this collage celebrates them and their unique and ancient souls. It is a companion card and its energy is in my heart chakra.

Crane Companion N4LYK


SoulCollage® Workshops January 13 and January 20, 2013


I am delighted about an opportunity to facilitate two SoulCollage® workshops in January at Life by Design in Eau Claire at 2722 London Rd. The theme is “Memories, Dreams, Visions and Intentions: AnIntroduction to SoulCollage®.” Each workshop will begin at 1 p.m and end by 4 p.m. The first workshop on the 13th will cover “Memories and Dreams” and basic elements of SoulCollage®. Participants will be able to make two to three SoulCollage® cards. The second workshop on the 20th will focus on “Visions and Intentions” and provide a chance to make another two to three cards. As facilitator, I will introduce SoulCollage® and provide some guidance for making cards, including a meditation to facilitate the intuitive and imaginative creative process of selecting and arranging images on cards. 

SoulCollage® was originally created by Seena Frost, an artist and art therapist. She was quite aware that everyone has multiple aspects of self and that each aspect needs to be honored and allowed to express, and often, in that process, transform. She devised the basic sharing exercises most SoulCollage® facilitators use in workshops and/or therapy sessions.

Each card made represents some aspect of the person who makes it. Most SoulCollage® cards are mad of 5 x 8 matte board stock with collaged images glued to them. The selection of images is guided by the intuition and imagination of the maker. The facilitator brings magazines, and participants may also bring their own images from magazines, photographs, or greeting cards to use. The images are cut out, arranged by the participant and glued onto the 5 x 8 card. Then, the facilitator describes a basic exercise titled the “I am the one who… exercise” in which each participant introduces their card by identifying with it and speaking as if they are the card. Sharing this exercise is powerful and meaningful for participants. Often a sense of awe and profound caring emerges as people share these precious representations of self. I will also be describing several ways of working with cards at home and will have materials for sale available as well.

I am so looking forward to facilitating these workshops!